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Max. capacity:
 1 Twin/Double changeable beds
Free Wi-Fi 

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Deluxe Room
Max. capacity:
 1 Twin/Double changeable beds
Free Wi-Fi 
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 1 Double bed
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 1 Double bed
Free Wi-Fi 
Family Apartment
Max. capacity:
 1 Double bed - 2 Single bed
Free Wi-Fi 

Facilities and policies at Deir al Oumara by Zouroona
Check-in: from 15:00
Check-out: 12:00
Public areas: FREE Internet
Rooms: FREE Internet
Free parking available
Pets allowed on request. No extra charges.
Baby cots are available upon request: Free
Property facilities
24-hour front desk
Multilingual staff
Luggage storage
Restaurant / Bar
Banquet facilities
Conference facilities
Guided tours
Hiking trips
Accepted credit cards at the property: No credit cards accepted, only cash
Cancellation and prepayment: The cancellation policy appears next to each room type after entering your dates.
LBP Credit Card, Cash USD at the property, Western Union, OMT or Whish Money Transfer with a Receipt Copy.

In case of cancellation due to force majeure (acts of God, cataclysm, strikes affecting the general order, war or other violence, or any law, order, proclamation, regulation, ordinance, demand, or requirement of any governmental agency), Deir al Oumara shall refund to the Second Party the full amount paid. Last cancellation shall be ten days prior to the client’s stay to guarantee a full refund (Including transfer fees that shall be charged on the client).

Deir al Oumara shall not be held responsible and will not refund the client if there is no-show for any reason (including bad weather conditions on the day of the booking) etc.
Deir al Oumara is a charming Lebanese mountain hotel nestled in the heart of Deir al Qamar. The edifice, originally built in 1827 by Emir Beshir the Second for his first advisor before being transformed into a boarding school in 1908, is today classified as ‘Historic Hotel’. This heritage is meticulously cared for by the key keepers of the property and infused in the guests’ journey.

Deir al Oumara offers 19 rooms, each with a distinctive cachet and feel. We thrive to offer rooms that breathe the mountains atmosphere and the intrinsic coziness of the region.